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The history of a family of hoteliers from Alsace and an historic hotel in Strasbourg town centre

The hotel Monopole was built in 1895. At this time, Strasbourg was German. In 1919, just after World War I, Strasbourg became French again. The German owner of the hotel wanted to leave Alsace. Joseph Merckel, who was a teacher decided to write another page of his carreer and took the hotel over. His daughter Jeanne who got married with Léon Siegel an Hotelier who had worked in several palaces as the Westminster in Le Touquet, took the hotel and the restaurant over in 1933.     

The Hotel Monopole in Strasbourg, becomes Monopole Métropole

He decides to add the name of Métropole to avoid the creation of a Hotel Métropole at the Strasbourg train station, which would have been confusing for the guests. Partially damaged during the different bombings of the train station during World War II, the Siegel invested a lot in their hotel to develop it. The former restaurant was “The place” to meet in Strasbourg and the Fathers of Europe held the preparatory meetings there.

During the 60’s, Léon Siegel Jr, after his studies at the hotel school in Lausanne and an international carreer in Switzerland, England, in the Hotel Meurice in Paris, decided to run the hotel with his wife Monique, whose father was a well known Restaurant owner in Strasbourg- Brasserie la Mauresse.

A boutique hotel in constant evolution !

Léon Junior and his wife kept searching for new evolutions, and after lots of investments year after year, they retired and left their children Pierre and Véronique Siegel manage the boutique hotel in 2000. After the hotel school of Strasbourg, Pierre and Véronique worked in several hotels and restaurants in France and abroad during 10 years. With their professional team, they welcome you in their hotel fully equipped and constantly renewed. They take a personal attention to make you feel the particular atmosphere of their 4*boutique hotel in the city center of Strasbourg.