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Visiting Strasbourg

The main city center of Strasbourg, classified as World Heritage site by Unesco, starts 100 meters (110 Yards) away from the hotel.The Petite France, 350 meters (383 Yards) away from your hotel in Strasbourg, is the part where you feel the atmosphere of the old town: Old half-timbered houses, « Wynstubs », river along which you will enjoy a little walk between your hotel and the Gothic Cathedral masterpiece of the Rhine Valley. There are so many reasons to stay in Stasbourg : The Museums of Strasbourg, cultural activities, European district (European Parliament, Council of Europ, European Human Rights Court, European Pharmacopoeia).


European quarter of Strasbourg

A 20 minute tram journey from the hotel, the European quarter of Strasbourg is home to impressive buildings belonging to European institutions.



The European Parliament

This building is in the shape of a wing from which emerges the dome of a hemicycle where the majority of debates take place.  It is also the headquarters of the Euroscola programme for schools.  Open for visits for groups only, written request to be sent to : Bureau d'Information du Parlement Européen Allée du Printemps - B.P. 1024 F 67070 Strasbourg cedex.


The Council of Europe

Designed by the French architect, Henry Bernard, and officially opened in 1977, the Palace of Europe is the Council of Europe's main building.  The Council of Europe is an international organisation focusing on the promotion of human rights.  The Maison de l'Europe stands in front of the Palace.  Visits can be organised although prior booking is necessary.  The Palais de l'Europe is open to visitors from Monday to Friday and closed on Bank holidays.


European Court of Human Rights 

The European Court of Human Rights was designed by the architect Sir Richard Rogers (co-creator of Centre Beaubourg in Paris) and is built like a huge cruise liner flanked by two cylinder towers.   Visits can be organised for law students and legal professionals.  Only the hearings of the European Court of Human Rights are public (arrive 30 minutes before) ;  the dates are available on the Internet.