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Visiting Strasbourg

The main city center of Strasbourg, classified as World Heritage site by Unesco, starts 100 meters (110 Yards) away from the hotel.The Petite France, 350 meters (383 Yards) away from your hotel in Strasbourg, is the part where you feel the atmosphere of the old town: Old half-timbered houses, « Wynstubs », river along which you will enjoy a little walk between your hotel and the Gothic Cathedral masterpiece of the Rhine Valley. There are so many reasons to stay in Stasbourg : The Museums of Strasbourg, cultural activities, European district (European Parliament, Council of Europ, European Human Rights Court, European Pharmacopoeia).


The Cathedrale of Strasbourg, near your hotel

Established at the place of the original Romanesque Basilica destroyed by the fire, but from which you can still admire some columns, the edification of the actual Cathedral started in 1284 by Erwin von Steinbach. The pink stone comes from the close Vosges mountain. The stonemasons who worked on the Cathedral took the time to add some humoristic figures which are worth being seen with a guided tour.

The interior of the Cathedral is as spectacular as its lonely spire (which was the highest of the Christian edifices until the end of the XIXth Century) : the stained-glass windows are remarkable as well as the slender triple-tiered central column known as the Pilier des Anges (a statue of a guy who didn’t trust the architect, is still waiting for the Column to fall), the huge and enormously complicated astrological clock and the gothic organ.

Photo : By Claude Truong-Ngoc / Wikimedia Commons - cc-by-sa-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0